Sunday, April 24, 2011

#22 Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore

Of the Chris Moore bibliography, my enjoyment has been varied. I loved (as most people do), Lamb. I really liked A Dirty Job. I liked Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck. I flat out HATED The Stupidest Angel. This book was somewhere in the like category.

Samson Hunts Alone grew up in an Indian Reservation, however, an potentially prison-inducing incident had him leaving the reservation and making a new life for himself. He grows up neglecting his Indianess and cultivating and molding himself into the ultimate saleseman, able to transform himself into anything needed to cinch a sale. Things go awry when he meets a pretty, if a little flight, girl and an Indian guy seems to be following him everywhere. Things quickly go madcap, Chris Moore style and hijinks and adventure abound.

Like I said, it's typical Christopher, funny, but I occasionally find the humor too trying hard. Supernatural elements, the works. It was just ok. Aaaand I'm starting to sound like Randy Jackson.

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