Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is it (ew, Michael Jackson)

Ok. I am jumping into the fray. I am neither scathing nor bitchy, but I do love books and most often read more that 5o books a year. Some of which I write reviews of in my real life blog (which nobody reads but me. and it's gonna stay that way) but most, I just read.

I am a long time reader of Pajiba, and a dedicated lurker. I have posted maybe 5 times at most. I am by no means a great writer, but I try. Actually, I don't sometimes.

I live in the Philippines which means I'm not a native English speaker, but we Filipinos pride ourselves for being able to speak English well, comparatively speaking (compared to someone who speaks no English).

I am a 27 year old lawyer, wife, and mother of 2 horrible and annoying (not really) boys. It's a busy life but I always have a book in my bag in case there is some downtime. I read in the courtroom while waiting for hearings to start. I read everywhere.

I will try my hardest to complete this thing, and even harder to try and write 3 paragraph reviews. I am so frickin excited!

Please don't eat me.