Monday, January 24, 2011

# 5 - Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

This is a weird one. It has a typically sci-fi premise, however, the story feels more like a period book, very old-fashion-y.

These kids live in what seems like a typical English boarding school. Only, they've lived there their whole lives and their future is certainly bleak. There is a "twist" if it can be called that, but it hardly matters. It's not all Shyamalan where the twist is the only thing there is. In fact, the twist isn't presented in a shocking manner at all. Rather, the truth slowly dawns upon the reader as they read the book. Actually, I already knew what the twist was before I read it and I wonder if the experience would have been very different had I not known the premise before hand. I think it would have enhanced the experience, but not by much. The book is much more than the twist. It's a mediation of friendship and love, and coming of age, only made much more urgent by the expiration date of the characters.

The book is narrated by Kathy, one of the lead characters, telling the story of her friendship with another girl, and a boy she loved. The narration is very matter of fact and over-analytical, seeming to find meaning in every little occurrence. Kathy is very slow and steady and loyal, while Ruth is fiery and manipulative at times. Tommy is a basically, a nice boy. I have to admit that I really hated Ruth. I hated her manipulation and her lies.

I really loved this book. It is so my thing, with the melancholy and the heartbreak. It is haunting and very engrossing.

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